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 CROESO! - that's Welsh for 'Welcome!' 

The daffodil and the leek are national emblems of Wales. 
                                   Traditionally, school children in Wales would wear these emblems to school on St. David's Day - March 1st. 
Boys would have a leek pinned to their jumpers and girls would wear a daffodil pinned to theirs.

'Y Ddraig Goch' - 'The Red Dragon', centerpiece of our National Flag - known to eat Englishmen who dare to . . . . well, to be English!​​

Enter the lair of Y Ddraig


​​ Why you should explore our site

As a Society, we've only been around since 1990 - but as a 'race', we Welsh go WAY back!
We hope, through these pages, to help you discover 
'The Land of My Fathers'  - 'Hen Wlad fy Nhadau'

* * *

Review our past events - and see what's planned for 2015 - on the 
'Calendar' page.

Visit the
 'Photos +' page to see images from past events, and members' vacation photos from Wales.
You can listen to an instrumental (by Rob Allen) of our National Anthem by going to the link on the 
'Made in Wales' page.

While there, read about some of Wales' most famous resources - its authors, singers, actors, etc.

On the
 'Downloadables' page, find 'priceless' documents - poems, songs, phonetics - all FREE! 

 Get in touch with Welsh people and organizations all over the world - go to the
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 SDSoGSL, check the 'Contact Us' page. 

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If you want to surprise your friends with a greeting sent in Welsh, or if you run across any Welsh words in this website, 
and have no clue what they mean, just use this link 
Welsh to English for translations.

Here - 
 BBC News from Wales - is a 'refreshed-daily' link to news from Wales.

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Cymru am Byth - (Wales for Ever) 

New videosadded -  May 13th 2015 - The Story of Wales. Also,new genealogy linksadded on May 18th